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The CCISD Family is exactly that – Family.

CCISD Cares is a 501(c)3 support organization formed to assist Clear Creek ISD families with basic needs during times of crisis.

Support Through Government Shutdown

The Clear Creek Independent School District recognizes the uncertainty and worry among our families who are affected by the current government shutdown and is immediately instituting the following measures under the CCISD Cares program:

  • Any child who needs a regular meal will receive one regardless of his or her account balance.
  • Extracurricular sponsors will be sensitive to the financial position of a significant percentage of our families and will refrain from seeking program fees during this government shutdown.
  • Payment for all pending technology, library, and other campus fees and fines will be placed on hold until the shutdown is over.
  • CCISD counseling team is ready to help families connect to school and community resources. A listing of the counselors can be found here in the CCISD Cares website.

CCISD Cares En Español

Call 281.284.0020 for Information

Need Help?
For immediate help with clothing, toiletries, school supplies or referrals to additional support agencies, please contact your campus counselor.

Please click here to view a full list of CCISD campus counselors.


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