Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My child can do some of the things listed on the progression; why isn't he getting credit?

A: Your child is receiving credit for the things he can do, and this is documented by the teacher. He will not receive credit on the report card until he masters ALL items on the progression for that score. 

Is Standards-Based Grading used just within Clear Creek ISD? 

A: No. School districts across the state and country have been using Standards-Based Grading for more than 10 years.  

Q: Is there any research that supports Standards Based Grading?

A: Yes.

There is much research to support that standards-based grading improves student learning. Standards-based grading allows for both teachers and students to develop a deep understanding of the learning standards. Teachers who develop useful assessments, provide corrective instruction, and give students second chances to demonstrate success can improve their instruction and help students learn. Thomas Guskey is one of the premier researchers in this area.


Thomas Guskey, Ph.D., is a professor of educational psychology at the University of Kentucky, and he is known throughout the world for his work on student assessment, grading and reporting, professional learning, and educational change. He is a former middle school teacher, served as an administrator in Chicago Public Schools, and was the director of the Center for the Improvement of Teaching and Learning, a national educational research center. He is the author/editor of 21 books and more than 250 book chapters and articles. He has a website dedicated to standards-based grading. For more information on standards-based grading, please access this website:

Q: Will all TEKS – Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills – become targets in Standards-Based Grading? 

A: No. All TEKS are addressed throughout the year in the curriculum, however, Priority Standards have been identified for each content area. A select number of these Priority Standards identified as highest priorities for each grade level are indicated on the report card. While all TEKS are introduced and developed within our curriculum, only those identified as highest grade level Priority Standards will be reported on the report card. 

Q: What do the grayed out/shaded areas on report cards mean? 

A: Shaded areas indicate the topic has either not yet been introduced or not yet ready for formal assessment. 

Q: If there is an area in which our child did not hit the expected Target for the nine weeks, where can we go for help?

A: Understanding your Child's Progress: A Guide for Kindergarten Parents, found on the district website, is a resource a parent could use to learn about the specific skills expected. You are encouraged to meet with your child's teacher to learn more.  

Q: Will Standards-Based Grading be implemented in the higher grade levels? 

A: Yes. Follows is the implementation Schedule:

Prekindergarten -- 2016-2017
Kindergarten -- 2016-2017
First Grade -- 2016-2017
Second Grade -- 2017-2018
Third Grade -- 2017-2018
Fourth Grade -- 2018-2019
Fifth Grade -- 2018-2019     

Q: If a 3 ‘Meets Standard,’ what exactly does a 4 mean?  

A: In Level 4 a learner demonstrates understanding and performance beyond expected proficiency and has exceeded the standards.  Level 4s are challenging and achieved infrequently. 


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