Bay Area Alliance

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Who is Bay Area Alliance?
We’re a community coalition made up of youth and adults speaking and acting to bring about a healthier community by:
  • Organizing a community effort that includes businesses, law enforcement, schools, youth serving organizations, parents, the faith community, healthcare agencies, civic organizations, cities, the media, and others to address underage drinking and other drug use;
  • Increasing community awareness of substance abuse concerns and the resources that are available to address these concerns;
  • Decreasing access to alcohol and prescription drugs in the home, school, and community environments; and
  • Changing community norms by encouraging and supporting parents who provide a no-use message for their youth.

The next planning committee meeting for CRAZY Krewe will be on Monday, Dec. 15th at 10:00am in the Alliance office (2145 W. Nasa Blvd). This is the Alliance's only fundraiser - so come out and help be part of our 5th Annual Event!! For more information, contact Jennifer at

Bay Area Alliance for Youth and Families

2145 W. NASA Blvd.    |     Webster, TX 77598      |     MAP
( Located in the Central Support Facility of Clear Creek ISD )

Phone: (281) 284-0370     |     Fax: (281) 284-9953