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In the 1993-94 school year, Clear Creek ISD began offering a Science Magnet Program at Seabrook Intermediate School for students in grades 6-8. The school provides a unique science curriculum for all students while providing additional science electives and opportunities for students enrolled in the Science Magnet Program.

In addition, the site serves as a Service Learning Center for all schools in the District. The Learning Center includes a Living Materials Center and Greenhouse. The Living Materials Center and Greenhouse provide live plants and animals for use in classrooms across the District. Elementary school students in the district can enjoy outreachprograms brought to their schools through the Living Materials Center.It is also used for special activities for the Science Magnet Programand Seabrook Intermediate students.

  • 2017-18 Science Magnet Program Information Meetings 

    The same information will be presented at all four meetings. You only need to attend ONE of these meetings. The meeting is for parents and students.

    : Seabrook Intermediate School Cafeteria

    When: TBA

Science Magnet Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the program benefit the student?

    The science curriculum at Seabrook Intermediate School has been replaced with an unparalleled selection of one-semester courses. A one-semester science course is required at each grade level. All students at Seabrook Intermediate School choose an additional semester science course to fulfill the state and district science requirements for the year. Science Magnet Program students select additional science electives from among a list of electives dealing with applications of science and skills. Students also take special sections of Science Research and Scientific Reading. Project CATS (Cooperatively Attaining Teamwork Skills) is a required elective at the 6th grade level. In addition, the Science Magnet Program provides enrichment opportunities and field trips throughout the year for the students and their families. Partnerships with local businesses, Moody Gardens, and NASA/Johnson Space Center foster a greater involvement of the community into the classroom and the classroom into the real world.

  • How does the program benefit Seabrook Intermediate?

    The Science Magnet Program provides curriculum enhancement for all students within the school. The science curriculum and Science Magnet events encourage a multidisciplinary approach to instruction. The Science Magnet Program has resulted in the construction of an additional academic wing which not only includes science facilities, but also two computer labs, an Exploring Technology class, and Greenhouse. The Living Material Center is also housed in this wing and trains Science Magnet and regular Seabrook student volunteers to assist with animal care.

  • How does the program benefit the district?

    The Seabrook Science Magnet Program is made available to all Clear Creek ISD students entering 6th, 7th and 8th grades by application only. The program is designed to offer an enriched science curriculum to students with an interest in and love for science, rather than an accelerated program exclusively for high-ability students. In addition to the curriculum offerings, a Living Material Center has been established on the Seabrook campus. The Living Materials Center houses over 60 species of live animals and supplies some of these animals to District classrooms. Science Magnet students may go through training to volunteer in the Living Materials Center.

  • Do students receive a well-balanced curriculum?

    In addition to receiving in all subject areas, students will participate in a variety of electives including the fine arts. Students will be eligible to participate in sports at Seabrook Intermediate School. Below is a schedule of courses to be followed by Science Magnet students in each grade level.

  • What science courses are offered?

    The traditional intermediate school science curriculum is replaced with a variety of one-semester science courses. A required one-semester science course is taken at each grade level. The required courses (Science 6, Science 7 and Science 8) provide a multi-disciplinary science curriculum. These courses, along with the selection of science electives offered at each level, ensure a well-balanced science curriculum for every student and comply with requirements and recommendations of the Texas Education Agency. Electives are offered according to grade level.

  • What are Science Research, Scientific Reading, and Project CATS?

    Science Research forms the backbone of the Science Magnet Program and is required at each grade level. These courses focus on experimental research techniques and skills. Science Fair projects are developed in Science Research. Scientific Reading replaces the traditional reading courses required at grades 6 and 7. Skills are taught through scientific writings, and library research skills are emphasized. Cooperatively Attaining Teamwork Skills (Project CATS) is a rather unique interactive course designed to provide students with the opportunity to attain team-building skills that have been proven necessary for success in many aspects of daily life. Students work in a team, running a "mock" business based on a science principal or topic, producing newsletters, brochures, and various multi-media presentations. It builds upon the skills attained in their scientific research class making it the most purrrrrfect course!

  • Who is Eligible for the Program?

    5th Grade Students: Current 5th grade students living within the CCISD attendance zone are eligible to apply for the Seabrook Science Magnet Program. Parent meetings are held at Seabrook Intermediate during December and January for informational purposes. Applications are available online at or through the counselors at each elementary school. The 5th grade application packet includes teacher recommendations, parent recommendations, parent approval forms, and three short answer questions. The short answer questions are provided to the students by the counselor on the day they are written. Students living outside of the CCISD attendance zone cannot be accepted into the program.

  • How many students will be accepted into the program?

    The Science Magnet Program is designed to accommodate 100 students per grade level. Students are accepted based upon their home intermediate school attendance zone. A percentage of students from each intermediate school are chosen based on the number of students who apply from that intermediate school attendance zone. This distribution allows for all areas of CCISD to be served equally.

  • Is transportation provided?

    Transportation is provided for all students outside of the Seabrook Intermediate School attendance zone for an 8:00 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. school day. Students accepted into the program whose home school is Seabrook Intermediate may choose to attend classes from 8:00 a.m. to 3:15 p.m., but must have their own transportation method to school because district transportation is not provided. Science Magnet students whose home school is Seabrook Intermediate may elect to use district transportation by attending school from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

  • What is the criteria for selection into the program?

    Selection will be based foremost on the interest, motivation, and commitment of the student. The application requires three short answer questions, teacher recommendations, and parent recommendations. The short answer questions are written by the student at the elementary campus under the supervision of the counselor.

  • Where can I get an application?

    Application packets are available from the counselor at each elementary school. Applications are also available at Seabrook Intermediate School from the Science Magnet Office. Packets contain the Student Application as well as all forms for securing required recommendations.

Contact Information:

Seabrook Intermediate School: 281-284-3100

Jan Larsen
Science Magnet Liason

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