Helping Your Child at Home

Parents can support their children's reading in many ways. Check out these resources for ideas...

Summer Reading


Fun and Free Summer Learning Resources
Resources to keep students learning through the dog days of summer, with a particular focus on math and reading.

Five Minute Film Festival: Summer Reading for Students 
Summer is a great time to for reading. This website offers video clips about reading, and lots of great links related to summer reading.

Start with A Book 
To ward off the learning loss that many children experience over the summer, Start with a Book offers parents, caregivers, summer program staff and librarians lots of engaging ideas for getting kids hooked on reading, exploring and learning all summer long — and beyond.


General Tips

You Can Help Your Child 
A great resource for parents from Neuhaus Education Center

Reading Rockets 
Another must-visit website

11 Ways Parents Can Help Their Children Read 
Parents are important to developing reading skills. This article suggests some tips for parents of all students!

Scholastic for Parents 
The #1 way parents can help their children with read is to read to or with your child. This website provides a wealth of tips to find the right book and instill a love for books.


Finding a Great Book

Read Aloud Home Page 
One of the best things a parent can do is read to their child, especially one with dyslexia. Jim Trelease's website offers tips to parents.

Books for Reluctant Readers 
No one likes to do things that are difficult for them. That means many children with dyslexia don't enjoy books. Check out this website to find books that might just make a book-lover out of your child!

Guys Read 
Research shows that boys are having trouble reading, and that boys are getting worse at reading. No one is quite sure why. Some of the reasons are biological. Some of the reasons are sociological. The good news is that research also shows that boys will read — if they are given reading that interests them. One of my favorite websites!

Need help finding a great book for your child? Visit this website for ideas. 


Building Fluency

Reading Rockets: Fluency Resources
A wealth of information regarding the importance of fluency and how to improve it

Fluent Kids 
Help your child develop fluency with these fun tips.

Got Teenagers?


All About Adolescent Literature 
Got a teen in the house? This is a must-visit website! 

Neuhaus Academy 
Neuhaus Academy is the source for web-based reading lessons for adolescent learners. Neuhaus Academy lessons provide clues for reading unfamiliar words and understanding word meanings. Each lesson provides world and cultural knowledge to enrich critical thinking and comprehension. Teachers can use Neuhaus Academy for whole group or small group instruction. Work pages that accompany each lesson can be downloaded and reproduced from the Work Pages Library. Printed companion materials are available for purchase at Learners can listen to the Companion Reader passages as they follow along in their Readers. Students can utilize this tool at home to sharpen their word identification and vocabulary skills.

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