Write It, Cite It


A student should list all sources quoted and paraphrased in preparing a research paper. This documentation is required in order to give credit to the original author. This is frequently referred to as Works Cited and is added at the end of the research paper.

Using words or ideas in your paper, either by paraphrasing or copying word for word without documentation is considered a form of stealing called plagiarism. Examples of Works Cited entries recognized by the Modern Language Association (MLA) are included in this publication. 

Tips to Avoid Plagiarism
  • Do not cut and paste from the Internet.
  • Do not use another student's work as your own.
  • Paraphrase and put information into your own words, and cite it! 
  • Put direct quotes within quotation marks, and cite it! 
  • Keep careful notes that distinguish between your own thoughts and the material that you have gathered from other sources. 
General Rules
  1. At the end of a research paper, create a Works Cited by listing all sources quoted or paraphrased in preparing the paper.
  2. Generally, each citation includes the author (if given), the title, the place of publication, the publisher, the year of publication, and additional information if needed. 




Each student in Clear Creek ISD has access to Noodletools citation platform in the portal.  Please see your campus librarian for additional information concerning Noodletools and citation.

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