Crime Prevention & Reporting Tools

Galveston County Sheriff Liaison Officers

CCISD's partnership with the Galveston County Sheriff Liaison Officers (SLOs) includes a K9 Drug Narcotics Detective that rotates to all campuses. SLO officers are on each campus during the school day and also provide on-site security for after-school events.

Anonymous Alerts®

Anonymous Alerts

CCISD has partnered with Anonymous Alerts® to take our successful tip reporting system to the next level so that individuals can anonymously communicate in two-way dialogue with school staff. Click here to watch a video about it.

To send a report from your phone: 
• Download the 'Anonymous Alerts app' for free from the Apple Store, Google Play store, or the Chrome store
• Start the App and enter activation codeclearcreekisd  
• Send important reports to school officials.
• Add a screenshot, photo or video about the incident 

To send a report from your computer/web browser: 
• Visit and fill out the necessary information

Crime Stoppers

crime stoppers

An internationally recognized program, Crime Stoppers allows students, staff AND the community to provide anonymous tips to school administration and local law enforcement. To report important information, call 281-284-TIPS (8477) or email

Submit a Tip and P3 Tips

You can submit anonymous tips through a web-based form. Go to and click on the "Submit a Tip" button. You can also submit anonymous tips from our free and secure mobile app.  Search your App Store for "P3 Tips" or click the appropriate link below.



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