Local Chiefs Come Together During National Police Week to Support Good Choices Among Youth

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“One community committed to ending alcohol and drug abuse by youth.”

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Local Chiefs Come Together During National Police Week
to Support Good Choices Among Youth

Photo:Officers pictured (L to R)

Captain Jerome Stevens, Houston PD (Clear Lake Substation); Constable Phil Sandlin, Harris County Precinct 8; Chief Tom Savage, Lakeview PD; Chief Daniel Presley, Webster PD; Chief Sean Wright, Seabrook PD; Chief Joe Cashiola, Nassau Bay PD; Chief Greg Rikard, Kemah PD; Constable Jerry Fisher, Galveston County Precinct 8; Chief Michael Kramm, League City PD

(Webster, TX) – On Wednesday, May 14, 2014, local law enforcement chiefs from around the Bay Area came together at the new Webster Fire Station to talk about their shared commitment to helping underage youth make good choices when it comes to alcohol. The Bay Area Alliance for Youth & Families will utilize photos taken during this meeting to create a campaign reminding young people in the community about the laws regarding underage drinking. "It was great to see all of these local leaders in law enforcement come together for a common cause - one that I think will make a difference in each of our cities, and our larger community,” said Chris Reed, Alliance Board President and luncheon host.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, alcohol is the most widely abused drug among youth in the U.S. with alcohol as the cause of more than 4,300 deaths of underage youth each year. In addition to deaths associated with underage drinking, there are other risk factors that make it important for communities to address the problems. Researchers (including the CDC) have concluded that underage drinking increases the risk for suicide, social problems and difficulties in school, risk of physical and sexual assaults, and issues with brain development.  

According to Reed, “research also shows that the reduction in underage drinking will require a community-based approach. The Bay Area Alliance is a community coalition with members representing many sectors of the community including education, government, law enforcement, faith-based community, healthcare, parents and youth.  We are committed to making this community better for our children.” This most recent project that brings local law enforcement together is part of a larger strategic initiative to decrease underage drinking in the Bay Area.  

If you are interested in being part of the Alliance, go to their website or call their office at 281-284-0370.

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