help the taxpayers by reducing the taxable value of the property. All exemptions (Homestead, Over 65, Disability, Veterans, etc) are granted by the county appraisal district of the property. Most exemptions apply only to your primary residence and are not valid on second homes or land. Once an exemption has been approved, the appraisal district will notify all tax offices under its jurisdiction. Individual tax offices have no authority to grant or deny an exemption.

To qualify for a homestead exemption the taxpayer must own and live in the home on January 1 of that tax year.  If you move in any time after January 1, you will not qualify until the following year. The Clear Creek ISD Homestead Exemption has two parts: The CCISD portion of the exemption is valued at 5% or $5000 (whichever is greater) and the state mandated portion of the exemption has a value of $25,000, regardless of value. (5%+$25,000.00) See calculating taxes.

The Over 65 or Disabled Person Exemption has a value of $28,330 and works in conjunction with your homestead exemption. The amount you pay in the year that both the Over 65 Exemption and the Homestead Exemption are applied to your account is the amount of your freeze. Frozen means the amount you pay will not go up in the future even if the property value or the tax rate goes up.You should not pay any more than this amount for as long as you own the property unless you make major improvements to the property (such as adding a swimming pool, extra bedroom, workshop, or tear down and rebuild) or no longer declare the property as your homestead. 

Disabled Veterans may qualify for a 100% Veteran Homestead Exemption. If certain conditions are met veterans may be exempt from paying taxes on their residential homestead.

To qualify for this exemption, a veteran must meet the following Criteria:

  • Served in the Armed Forces of the United States 
  • Been classified as disabled by the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as a result of a service-connected disability; 
  • Received 100 percent disability compensation from the VA; and  
  • Received either a 100 percent disability rating or been classified unemployable by the VA 
  • The veteran must own a home that is approved as his or her residence homestead and occupied as the principal residence

The veteran must apply for this exemption through the county appraisal district office. Individual tax offices have no authority to grant or deny an exemption.


If taxes are due, never wait for an exemption to pay. You can avoid your exemption savings being used towards penalty and interest by paying the tax bill timely.

The tax office cannot add or remove an exemption without a certified tax roll from the appraisal district. Depending on the time of year it may take 4-12 weeks for a change to reach our office. The tax office may get a certified tax roll once a month or less often depending on the time of year. If the account is paid when the exemption is granted, this office will issue a refund to the owner of record. If the account is not paid, we will re-bill the owner of record for the unpaid tax with the exemption and any penalty & interest if applicable.  

Contact the county appraisal office: Harris County Appraisal District (713) 957-7800 or Galveston Central Appraisal District toll free 1 (866) 277-4725.

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