Ownership Records & Mailing Addresses

Please note that tax offices are required to mail tax bills to the "address of record" maintained by the property's county appraisal office. If you are the new owner of a property, or there is an ownership error including misspellings, or you need to change a mailing address you must contact the county appraisal district office of the property. 

The appraisal district is the only authority to change property tax records, not the individual tax offices. The tax office cannot add, remove or correct owners or mailing addresses without a certified tax roll from the appraisal district.  The tax office may get a tax roll once a month or sometimes longer depending on the time of year.  

Please note that a post office change of address is not acceptable. They often have time limits and may expire before appraisal notices or tax bills are mailed.  

If taxes are due, never wait for an ownership change to pay. Avoid any penalty and interest being added to the account by paying the tax bill on time. Taxes are due on or before January 31, no matter whose name is on the bill.   

Contact the county appraisal office: Harris County Appraisal District (713) 957-7800 or Galveston Central Appraisal District toll free 1 (866) 277-4725.
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