Tax Bills & Due Dates

Tax bills are usually mailed the same time each year. If you have not received a tax bill by December you can print a bill from our website or call the tax office to get the amount & account number. As the owner of the property it is your responsibility to know which taxing authorities will tax your property and when taxes are due. CCISD school taxes are billed and collected separately from the county tax.

Taxes are always due on or before January 31, therefore never wait for a tax bill to pay taxes. Section 31.01, Tex Tax Code states that failure to receive a tax bill is not grounds for waiver of penalty and interest and will not affect validity of the due date. Taxes are due on or before January 31. Taxes become delinquent on February 1. Many taxpayers pay by December 31 for income tax purposes. Should the last day of month fall on a weekend or holiday, payments will be accepted the next business day.

Taxes are due by January 31 even if there is a discrepancy on your bill. We will tax you according to the value and exemptions provided to us by the appraisal district. If you disagree with the value or you have a missing exemption you should contact your appraisal district. If you have made recent changes and/or had a recent protest please note that it may take some time for these changes to get to the tax office (anywhere from 4-12 weeks depending on the time of year). Taxes are due by January 31 even if you are waiting on a change to your tax account.  If the account is paid and we get a reduction in value or an exemption is added, the taxpayer will be automatically refunded the value of the change.
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