Taxes Paid by Mortgage or Tax Service


In the State of Texas all mortgage companies or tax service providers are required to request the tax bill(s) annually, even if they have requested them in the past. 

If the mortgage company requests the tax bill, the tax bill will be sent to the mortgage company not to the property owner.

If the mortgage company did not request the bill by September 30, the tax bill will be mailed to the property owner. 

If you have received a tax bill that is to be paid by the mortgage company,
write your loan number on the bill and forward it to your mortgage company’s loan escrow department. If yours is a new account or a refinance, the mortgage company may not have had your account information in time to request a bill before the deadline. All mortgage companies have 24/7 access to our website. 

We do not contact mortgage companies about delinquent taxes. We do have a website that any mortgage company can use to print a statement or check the paid status of an account.  


If the mortgage company will no longer be paying your tax, call all of your tax offices and have them remove the “mortgage company code”. This allows all bills and notices to be mailed to the taxpayer and not to the mortgage company.

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