Aging Schools and Repairs

Bond 2017 Information

Aging Schools and Repairs - $163,052,169

Nearly 30% of the schools in Clear Creek ISD are more than 40 years old. Under this bond proposal, two schools that are over 50 years old will be rebuilt to meet today’s learning standards and 6 will receive major renovations.

Clear View High School: $45,162,961 (2019)

The original school was built in 1939. In 2019, a smaller high school will be built behind the existing school to serve the unique program of Clear View High School as well as workforce readiness programs open to all CCISD high school students.

League City Elementary: $46,938,285 (2020)

The original school was built in 1960. In 2020, a new elementary school will be built behind the existing school and will be constructed to serve 900 students.

Major renovations will be conducted at the following 40-50 year plus schools. Improvements include foundation/exterior repairs, increasing classroom and group learning spaces, updating libraries, re-utilizing existing administration areas for instruction or to enhance security, upgrading technology and adding a STEM lab to Ed White. All these major renovation projects include identified priority repairs and equipment replacements.

Whitcomb Elementary (2022): $28,598,565

Ross Elementary (2022): $20,747,320

Ed White E-STEM Elementary (2019): $16,443,354

Clear Lake City Elementary (2019): $16,015,594

Hall Elementary (2021): 20,674,344

Landolt Elementary (2021): $18,812,319

Armand Bayou Elementary (2018): $4,962,851

Main Transportation Center Renovation (2019): $24,711,488

District-wide Priority Items: $66,235,122

Major project total costs include priority repairs at CCISD schools and support facilities. Repairs and equipment replacements were prioritized based on the following criteria: updates to current construction codes, safety reasons or critical replacements with life expectancy of 1–2 years. 

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