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Introduction and Philosophy

Reading books is an integral part of the CCISD English Language Arts classroom and the development of literacy. Our goal is for students to find pleasure in reading and identify as a reader. This is especially important during the summertime when we rely on students’ self-driven desire to read. Research studies show that students face significant loss of learning during the summer months when they disengage from reading or other educationally valuable activities. This occurrence illuminates the need to support students in building their literacy by reading for pleasure in the summer. The purpose of this overview is to help students and parents find ways to facilitate summer reading. Not only will this prevent educational loss in the summer, it will also prepare students to be successful in the next grade level or course.

Volume and Variety

If we want students to be successful in school and adult life, we must help them develop a deep love for reading and thorough experience with reading from a wide variety of genres and authors. Readers should read books that mirror their personal lives, they should read books that serve as windows into new and unfamiliar experiences and ideas, and they should read books that serve as doors to new worlds and opportunities. The strength of our readers is developed by reading volume.

How Students Read Matters

Summer reading should be all about reading for personal pleasure and goals. Our job is to help guide students to make reading choices that challenge their growth as a reader. Where a student reads matters. We can help our readers read by ensuring they have access to a comfortable place designed with reading in mind. Also, readers benefit from community. We encourage parents to read with their children during the summer and find opportunities to attend summer events at local libraries and bookstores. Parents and students sharing conversation about reading invites rich discussions about the books and promotes the authentic thinking and connections we value.

For more information about the CCISD Summer Reading plan, please feel free to reach us at (281) 284-0000:

  • Karen Hearn, Coordinator of Elementary Language Arts
  • William Eastman, Coordinator of Secondary Language Arts
  • Glenda Holder, Director of Advanced Academics and Gifted and Talented Program
  • Dr. Susan Silva, Executive Director for Curriculum and Instruction
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