Secondary English Language Arts Philosophy

what is readers workshop?

A shift on how educators approach reading with students is renewing an authentic love for learning in secondary schools across Clear Creek Independent School District.

The goal in all English Language Arts classes in grades 6-12 is to give students a choice and voice in what types of books they want to read. The student choice is within a given framework to ensure each child is reading a book at or above his or her reading level.

Implemented at a grass roots level and founded on best research practices, the Readers and Writers workshop is catching on like a great novel you just cannot put down!

History of Workshop Model

In Clear Creek ISD secondary schools, we teach readers, not reading. Students self-select and read novels independently for sustained amounts of time while reading a wide variety of diverse informational and literary texts that are relevant to the students’ lives. Such texts include:

  • Books
  • Articles
  • Essays
  • Speeches
  • Excerpts from major works
  • Poetry
  • Short stories and more

English Language Arts
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