Jennifer Broddle

jennifer broddle

Your Full Name: Jennifer Broddle

Years in CCISD: 18

Subdivision/Neighborhood: Brook Forest

Occupation: Volunteer

Spouse's Name: Shawn

Children: Hank and Harris

Why did you choose to live in CCISD?
Specifically to be a part of this high performing district. It was important for us to be able to educate our children in a district of academic integrity, high-level instruction, and a large variety of extra-curricular activities.

Are you currently a CCISD volunteer? If so, what school(s)?
Falcon Pass Elementary
Clear Lake High School
League City Elementary

List your participation in CCISD schools and/or district parent clubs, business partnerships and/or committees:
PTSA President at Clear Lake High School
PTA Exec Board at Falcon Pass Elementary
Clear Creek Community Council of PTAs- Executive Board: Trainings, Legislative Advocacy, Awards
Past PTA President at Armand Bayou Elementary
Past PTA Exec Board at Westbrook Intermediate
Member, CIIC at Clear Lake High School
Past Advisor, CCISD Strategic Planning Committee
Past Advisor, CCISD Citizens Facility Advisory Committee
Current Advisor, CCISD Citizens Financial Advisory Committee
Current Advisor, CCISD District Educational Improvement Committee

Include any other areas in which you have supported CCISD not included in the previous question:
Two past CCISD Bond PACs, Chair of PTA Rally Day- I led over 50 constituents from CCISD to meet with legislators of the 84th and 85th Texas Legislative Sessions to advocate for meaningful student assessment, adequate and equitable school funding, funding for quality PreK grant programs, ensure services for special Education students, support new legislation to combat school/cyber bullying, and many other priorities supporting student success, safety, and equity.

List any community organizations in which you are currently involved in, including any offices currently or previously held:
(current) Volunteer Mentor, Communities in Schools
(Current) Events Coordinator, Women's Ministry at University Baptist Church
(Past) Dining Night Chair, Lunar Rendezvous Festival

Considering your skills and talents, what positive contribution would you make as a member of the Board of Trustees?
As a 1990 graduate from CCISD, and with two children in CCISD, I offer an "in the trenches" and historical viewpoint, with a rich history of participation in district planning, policy and goal setting. I enjoy interacting with constituents, and if I don't know an answer to an issue, I genuinely enjoy the research process and am willing to do the "legwork" and investigation to find an answer. Additionally, I have spent significant time over the past 10 years advocating for Public Schools at the local and state levels- meeting with legislators and staff in Austin and in their district offices.

What roles do trustees play in affecting student success?
The School Board are the policy makers for the district. The Board sets policy on how to manage financial, material and human resources within the district. The Board manages the money from the State and local taxpayers, it applies the mandates about education handed down by the state, and utilizes the technologies and resources available to us. We live in a district rich with intellect and skill, civically minded and passionate citizens with unique resources. Our constituents are our greatest asset. The ultimate role of the Board is to set policies to most effectively and innovatively use these pieces to deliver the best education possible to the 42,000 students in our district. It is the responsibility of the CCISD School Board to legally, resourcefully and impactfully deliver the most effective education and prepare our students to be life-long learners and productive members of our society.

What critical challenges face the district, and what are possible solutions to address those issues?
I believe CCISD faces three great challenges today: 1. The State of Texas continues to underfund education in our state. Our legislators call on us to locally determine what it costs to educate each child; and then, it makes us use our local taxes to fund not only that shortfall, but to pay for infrastructure and maintenance on our buildings, transportation and technology. Our biggest challenge is to be fiscally responsible with the resources we have, while being proactive, yet sensitive, to our tax base when it comes time to focus on growth, all the while endeavoring to meet the individual needs of every child in a unique and diverse community. 2. Our district is in a rapid growth pattern right now. Although we felt some effects of Hurricane Harvey, and we are still in the process of making repairs, our district is also building new schools and modifying existing schools to accommodate our extensive growth along the I-96 corridor and on the south and west sides of our district. The challenge here is to “see into the crystal ball” and plan and build for this growth now and that which is projected for the next 10-15 years. 3. I believe we face a great challenge, a charge, in a sense, to think outside the box in the way we use and interact with technology and each other. Our students are living in a 21st century world, and they will be faced in their futures with 21st century problems. I feel passionate that we need to be arming them with 21st century problem solving skills. The “way we do things” is no longer always the best way to tackle a problem. I feel that the great charge of this School Board is to think about policy and procedure, creatively using our resources with an eye to diligence, innovation and the future!

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