Outdoor Wireless


Free WiFi is available outside of these campuses:

  • Bauerschlag Elementary
  • Bay Elementary
  • Bayside Intermediate
  • Brookside Intermediate
  • Campbell Elementary
  • Clear Brook High School
  • Clear Creek High School
  • Clear Creek Intermediate
  • Clear Falls High School
  • Clear Lake City Elementary
  • Clear Lake Intermediate
  • Clear Lake High School
  • Clear Springs High School
  • Education Support Center
  • Ferguson Elementary
  • Gilmore Elementary
  • Goforth Elementary
  • Greene Elementary
  • Hall Elementary
  • Hyde Elementary
  • Landolt Elementary
  • League City Elementary
  • League City Intermediate
  • McWhirter Elementary
  • Mossman Elementary
  • North Pointe Elementary
  • Parr Elementary
  • Robinson Elementary
  • Ross Elementary
  • Seabrook Intermediate
  • Space Center Intermediate
  • Stewart Elementary
  • Victory Lakes Intermediate
  • Ward Elementary
  • Weber Elementary
  • Wedgewood Elementary
  • Westbrook Intermediate
  • Whitcomb Elementary

For Students:

Simply connect your device to the network as you normally do.

For Visitors:

  1. First select CCISD-VISITOR from the list of available wireless networks and select Connect.
  2. Once your device is connected to the CCISD-VISITOR network, you will be redirected to a web form to either register for an account, or to enter a currently valid visitor login.
  3. To register an account, click the black button labeled Register a Local Account.
  4. Fill out all information, including a valid mobile phone number with carrier to receive the username and password for the temporary account. You will also need to click the I accept the terms of use box and then click Register.
  5. You will be redirected to a page that will give you the information about your temporary account. A text message including your username and password will also be sent to you.
  6. Click the Log In button on the bottom of the page and use the username and password sent to you via text message to login to the wireless network.

Important Information

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