Eligible Riders and Bus Stops

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Clear Creek ISD Transportation

Eligible Riders

Generally, students who reside more than 2 miles from their school (as measured along public roadways) are eligible for bus transportation. All Pre-K through 1st grade students must wear an official CCISD bus tag when riding the bus. (See individual schools for details). Additionally, selected neighborhoods less than 2 mile and have been designated as hazardous walk areas by application of Board policy, students within these areas will also be provided bus service. Otherwise, students less than 2 miles, will be considered, walkers, carpool, daycare riders, or other. Please note that regular bus riders are not transported to Day Cares, Baby Sitters, Piano, Swimming or Golf Lessons, etc. Transportation is routed and provided based on residence address that is in Skyward and will be picked up and dropped off at that address.

Also, students that elect to attend schools outside of its residence zone, CCISD will not provide students transportation. Exempt or Magnet Programs may receive transportation based on CCISD policy.

Students must be able to independently ride the bus to and from school. Younger students, especially those of elementary age must be able to recognize their bus stop and be able to walk to and from their home and the bus stop.

Bus drivers do not have the ability to access a student’s address from the bus. To prevent other students from being delayed, any student that does not know their stop, or if parents of Pre-K & Kinder students, not at the stop to receive student, they will be taken back to their school and parent will have the responsibility of picking the student up.

CCISD Transportation Procedures were established for the safety of all students riding on Clear Creek ISD buses. Click the above “Bus Rules” link to learn more.

Through the bus route system, you can find your child’s bus stop, route number, and estimated time of arrival in the neighborhood. (See “Bus Route Information” link above. The software system allows us to find the ideal location for a bus stop based on the students who live in the neighborhood. Our goal is to create neighborhood bus stops where students can wait together. This approach allows us to reduce the number of bus stops and travel times to and from school, as well as be more fuel & time efficient.

CCISD guidelines indicate if a student lives more than two miles from campus they will be bused. Where possible, students could walk the following maximum distances to their bus stop:  

  • Elementary students: .15 mile (about two blocks)
  • Intermediate students: .30 mile
  • High school students: .50 mile

Designated Bus Stops

Authorized bus stops will be established within a reasonable walking distance (state and district standards) of the home of every student eligible for transportation services. It is the responsibility of the Transportation Department to set designated bus stops with student safety, fairness and consistency in mind. All students should load and unload at their designated bus stop only. If a parent/guardian believes that a bus stop needs to be changed, please contact the transportation department, to discuss your recommended solution. The decision to have a designated bus stop changed will be made only when it is in the best interest of safe transportation for that bus and its students.

Restricted Areas

CCISD buses will not enter dead-end streets, some cul-de-sacs, personal property, Apartment Complexes, except when approved by the Director of Transportation. Generally, use of private property requires concurrence by the property owner.

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