Schedule Change Requests

Schedule Change Procedures

Students select courses in the spring prior to the next school year by utilizing the information learned in the four-year planning process and after discussions with teachers and parents. Careful, thoughtful decisions must be made during this process. A change in the student’s Endorsement for graduation purposes does not guarantee a schedule change. Verification listings are provided to the students in the spring so each student can confirm that the correct choices have been input into the computer database. Each campus will set a final date for course request corrections to be submitted for review and processing. For students with disabilities, special education courses are determined by the Admission, Review, and Dismissal (ARD) committee. Students’ schedules must
coincide with ARD recommendations.

Master schedules and teacher employments are based on student requests; therefore, few schedule changes are approved.

Students who receive special permission to change a class schedule are subject to limitations. When a student moves from one level to another level, the actual grade earned in the previous class transfers with him/her to the new class, regardless of the level. This grade will be calculated into the proper grading period (nine weeks and semester). The student assumes all responsibility
for the requirements in the course entered.

Schedule changes will be considered during the first 5 class days for the following reasons only:

A. Student is a senior not scheduled in a course needed for graduation.
B. Student has already earned credit for a course in which he/she is currently scheduled.
C. Student does not have the prerequisite(s) for a class listed on his/her schedule.
D. Student has previously failed a course with the same teacher.
E. Student has been dismissed from a program where approval must be granted for placement.
F. Student does not have a full schedule.
G. Data entry error (no lunch, class listed twice, free period, etc.) has occurred.
H. Student needs remedial coursework for state assessment graduation requirements.
I. A class is listed that the student did not request.

Course Level Procedure Changes

See Policy EIA (Regulation)

Course level changes will be considered at the first progress report and at the end of the first nine week grading period of the semester for each course that offers a different level of the same course. To be considered for a transfer from an Advanced Academic, PreAP/GT, or AP/GT course, the student must have made a sincere effort to succeed by attending tutorials, completing his/her work, and by conferencing with his/her teacher. The parent must conference with the teacher before a course level change will be considered. If these conditions are met and the student is earning less than a grade of 75 on the first progress report or at the end of the first nine week grading period, that student will be considered for a change. Space availability in the receiving course will be a consideration for a course level change. Refer to CCISD’s Grading and Reporting Procedures for further details.
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