Michelle M Davis

Michelle M Davis

Michelle M. Davis | District 2 Candidate

Born into a Navy family, I moved across the US generally every three years and continued moving after marrying my husband of 34 years.  My work career was in mortgage banking for over 20 years and then clerical work thereafter in order to be home with my daughter when her school day ended.  We have lived in South Shore Harbour for 15 years and my daughter graduated from CCHS and received a degree from Texas Christian University.  

I initially volunteered for the CCHS PTSA to help distribute textbooks, and was then hired on as a temporary employee to manage the textbook inventory program.  I moved over to CBHS in the same capacity and then as Secretary to the Asst Principals, as well as a clerical aide.  I have also participated in CIIC groups.  Working in these capacities gave me a new perspective of educating our students, as it would be for anyone not familiar with the administration of a school.  I gained respect for teachers and administrators and the difficult tasks they have in trying to provide what is best for each student; it is not an easy job!

I appreciate the educational opportunities provided by our school district to students at various points on the “spectrum” of learning:  the high achievers are given opportunities such as Pre-AP and AP classes, dual credit classes and Clear Horizons Early College High School where they graduate with a degree.  I also appreciate the district providing career and technical programs such as culinary classes, cosmetology, welding, carpentry, auto mechanics, the various Ag programs, cable installation, carpentry, etc.  I also appreciate the efforts our district makes to help those students who learn differently than most and the accommodations that are made to help them excel.

I believe that the challenges today in educating our students are unlike any that we have faced in the past.  Technology is moving so quickly and our students have fully embraced this technology, although some of it may be in competition with educational goals.  We need to continue to help our students learn with responsible use of the technology available.  And this is where the school board trustees can work with the superintendent to review and modify the programs that will lead our students down a successful path of learning, growing and preparing for their entrance into the world after high school.  It is imperative that our schools give our students the tools, knowledge and abilities to be successful in their endeavors as they leave our school system.  I believe that I can bring a perspective to the table that will help the district to help our students achieve the level of success that they seek.  

I am currently Vice President of the South Shore Harbour Community Association and have served for several years previously on this board.  I have also in the past served on other civic associations as President, Vice President and Treasurer.  

My website is MichelleDavis4CCISD.com and my email address is mmdavisltc2112@gmail.com.

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