Arturo Sanchez

Arturo Sanchez

Arturo Sanchez | District 3 Incumbent

Please share some background about you and your interest in serving on the Clear Creek Independent School District Board of Trustees.

Professionally, I am the Director of the External Relations Office at NASA Johnson Space Center. I am responsible for leading, integrating and amplifying the work of a team of 145 civil servants and contractors in the areas of communications, community relations, STEM engagement, legislative affairs and university collaboration. I worked at Texas Instruments (TI) from 2006 – 2012, as director of Education and Workforce Development. I led TI’s corporate K-12 (STEM) education programs and investments, as well as managed regional strategic university investments and relationships.

I was elected to serve on the CCISD Board of Trustees in May 2017, and have almost 20-years of experience working as a strategic partner with public education and university campuses. I grew up as the son of a lifelong educator and counselor in public schools.  Today, my wife Jayme and I share a similar commitment to modeling learning and community service. Serving on the board has been a privilege and an honor.

List your participation in CCISD schools and/or district parent clubs, community and civic involvement, etc.

2017 CCISD Facilities Advisory Committee Secretary, CCISD Board of Trustees 2019-2020

Trustee, CCISD Board of Trustees, May 2017 - present

CCISD Finance Committee

CCISD Policy and Planning Committee

CCISD Legislative Committee

Ex-Officio Member, Clear Creek Education Foundation 2025 CCISD Strategic Planning Team

Member, PTA and SEPTA

Member, University of Houston Clear Lake College of Education Dean's Advisory Board Active with the Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership

Ex-Officio Member, Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Commerce

Considering your skills and talents, what positive contribution would you make as a member of the Board of Trustees?

I am committed to building and sustaining CCISD's leadership role in Texas' public education through strategic collaboration, strong fiscal management, transparent decision making, and support of innovative, student-centered programs.

In your opinion, what role do trustees play in affecting student success? 

Trustees play an important role setting a shared vision with the superintendent where student learning and success is at the forefront of every decision. Equally important is the continuous focus on measurable outcomes and accountability for meaningful results.

What critical challenges face the district, and what are possible solutions to address those issues?

A few critical challenges facing the district include:

The most pressing challenge to our district today is the unimaginable impact of the COVID-19 on our students, families, teachers, staff and community. Leveraging the district's human capital and technology infrastructure will enable teachers to reduce the impact of our schools being closed and provide students with innovative, distance learning opportunities for the duration of the district closure.

Continuing to unpack legislative decisions made in the 86th Texas Legislative Session and working closely with lawmakers, district staff, and neighboring school districts to make thoughtful recommendations and identify solutions that make sense locally.

Meeting the needs of a school district whose student demographics continue to change and require innovative approaches to continue to be a district of choice. This will require continued involvement by our community on committees that consider expanding programs to additional campuses, to investing in emerging instructional technology platforms, to deepening the support for our special education populations, as well as our gifted and talented programs.

Attracting a new superintendent to lead the district beginning in 2021. This is an important decision that will determine CCISD's trajectory for the future and will ensure we remain the visionary leader where each student achieves, contributes and leads with integrity.

Continuing to take proactive steps to ensure the safety, social and emotional wellbeing of our students, teachers, staff and community, by fostering a culture of student leadership, service learning and character education.

Please provide campaign website and/or contact information.



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