COVID-19 Financial Services Q&A


Will P.O. cut-off be extended?

Yes. The P.O. cut-off will be extended until Friday, May 29th (subject to change if there are further extensions to stay at home).

Can orders be shipped to home addresses?

No. The campus can have orders shipped to the Central Warehouse (shipping code #93). The campus should email Will Williams at the warehouse and let him know to be expecting a delivery. Once the warehouse receives the order, they will then deliver it to the campus Monday through Thursday. Once the delivery is made to the campus, the warehouse will email to let you know it was delivered.
Important: The P.O. should note that deliveries are only being accepted at the Central Warehouse Monday through Thursday, 9 am until 1 pm. Also note that the vendor should call 281-284-0690 to confirm delivery time.

Is inter-office mail running?

Yes. Inter-office mail is running Monday through Thursday. Mail picked up at campuses is being delivered to the ESC. Be sure outgoing mail is placed in its normal locations for pickup.

Are travel registration payments being made?

At this time, only registrations for June and beyond are being paid. Any registrations for May are on hold.

Pay sheets when working remotely:

When completing a COVID-19 pay sheet for work done remotely, please provide as much detail as possible as to duties being provided by day in the job duties or comments section. The person completing should submit to the campus/department secretary who will then review it and send it to the budget manager to approve.

If the campus/department secretary is completing a pay sheet for themselves, they should still send it to themselves for review and then to the budget manager to approve. The pay sheet requires three actions: entry, review, and approve.
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