Quarantine Guidelines

The Clear Creek Independent School District successfully reopened schools during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through effective safety protocols and the overwhelming support from students, staff, and families, we have not seen significant evidence of COVID-19 transmission between students wearing face masks in the classroom setting.

In most positive COVID-19 cases, the spread can be traced to an outside school activity, in home or family exposure, or during social and extracurricular activities when masking and social distancing cannot be followed with fidelity.

When we reviewed data from August, out of 7,212 students placed in quarantine due to a potential exposure in school, 182 ultimately tested positive which is a 2.52% infection rate. It is important to note that these exposures include situations that may have occurred in the classroom, lunch, or extracurricular activity. Anecdotally, we have seen community spread of the virus within the school buildings among groups of students who eat lunch together or are part of a team.

With the majority of students in Clear Creek ISD electing Brick & Mortar, it is not always possible to socially distance students in the classroom 6 feet apart. On average, for each positive active case of COVID-19, 13 others are placed into quarantine due to proximity. In some cases, especially at the highest populated high schools, students are being repeatedly placed in quarantine because of seating proximity.

In December, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) allowed for a shorter quarantine for those individuals who were considered a close contact and had not developed symptoms nor tested positive for COVID-19. In these scenarios, students and staff could return to school/work following day 10 with no known symptoms or on day eight if tested negative for COVID after day five with a Molecular/PCR test. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) and the University Interscholastic League (UIL) revised its guidance to align with CDC. On February 4, 2021, Galveston County Health Department also supported the shorter 10-day quarantine.

In December and due to the spike in the community spread of COVID-19, Clear Creek ISD revised its quarantine to align with CDC and TEA however, locally opted to hold students to the 14-day quarantine for extracurricular activities as there was evidence of spread among certain indoor sports such as basketball and volleyball. Therefore, students could return on to the academic setting on a shorter window but had to sit out of extracurricular activities through day 14.

At the time of this decision, Clear Creek ISD was averaging 25-33 cases per day as anticipated after Thanksgiving.

Current Situation:
Clear Creek ISD schools remain safe places to learn. The community spread of COVID-19 has seen its holiday peak and numbers are coming down to levels from October. CCISD hit its peak of COVID-19 active cases on January 11, 2021 with an active daily case count of 42. On February 3, 2021, the daily case count was 11.
Right now, two of CCISD’s highest populated high schools have more than 10% of the population in quarantine.

The second semester of the school year is a critical time for students as they prepare for final exams and state assessments. Additionally, Spring sports have begun which bring activities outdoors, again.

Quarantine Guidelines
With the number of active cases on the decline and mitigation measures still in place, Clear Creek ISD will make the following revisions to quarantine guidelines and will monitor the data closely to ensure these changes do not lead to an increase of community-spread within classrooms and extracurricular activities:

• Students in the classroom setting may be considered a close contact and instructed to quarantine when seated three feet or less from a person with COVID-19, regardless of whether both individuals were wearing a mask. Previously, this was at six feet. This should reduce the number of healthy students placed in quarantine due to seating charts.
• Students participating in extracurricular activities may return to those activities on day 8 of quarantine if they have a negative PCR test result after day 5 of quarantine or on day 10 as long as they are healthy. Previously, students in extracurricular activities had to wait until the end of the 14th day of quarantine.
• Students seated in the same bus seat of a person with COVID-19, regardless of whether both individuals were wearing face coverings, will be asked to quarantine. Previously, this extended to persons who sat in front of and behind the individual with COVID-19.

Additional Mitigation Measures
To support a healthy learning and working environment, Clear Creek ISD will implement these additional mitigation measures:

• Additional daytime custodial staff to clean high touch areas when the COVID positive rate of students and staff reaches 1% of Brick & Mortar school population.
o High school campuses would see 6 additional custodians for high touch cleaning.
o Intermediate school campuses would see 2 additional custodians for high touch cleaning.
o Elementary school campuses would see 1 additional custodian for high touch cleaning.
o High touch cleaning would be on a week-by-week basis. Cleaning would occur for one week and health services staff would evaluate campus positivity and trends to determine if we provide an additional week of cleaning.

• Facility or specific area Pandemic Cleaning when the COVID-19 positive rate of students and staff in brick-and-mortar classes reaches 1% of population. This is in addition to the current pandemic clean when there is a positive case and would occur over the weekend. This level of extra cleaning would be reviewed on a weekly basis by campus, health services, and maintenance and operations leadership to determine if additional campus cleaning is recommended.
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