Parent Assistance Center

What is the Parent Assistance Center?

The Clear Creek Independent School District (CCISD) recognizes that parents and guardians are seeking only the best when it comes to their children. When an issue or concern arises at a child’s school, it is critical that parents are quickly connected to someone with deep knowledge on the District, processes and resolution options. In an effort to take parent engagement and satisfaction to the next level, CCISD is pleased to introduce the new Parent Assistance Center.

What does the Director of Parent Assistance do?

The Director of Parent Assistance, Tony Davila, is available to help parents with needs, questions and/or concerns pertaining to their children who attend CCISD. He has direct access to district administrators and can address issues in an efficient manner while allowing appropriate staff to stay focused on teaching and learning. 

When should I contact the Parent Assistance Center with my issue/concern?

The majority of issues or concerns occur at the campus level. Most of these issues can and should first be addressed at the campus level with the teacher, counselor, assistant principal or principal. Additionally, CCISD School Board Policy requires that each issue be addressed at the level closest to the matter first. Sometimes it takes more than one attempt to resolve an issue or there may be times when the school is unable to honor a request. CCISD appreciates parents who work to maintain a positive relationship with the school despite concerns. The Director of Parent Assistance can assist as a neutral party to assure that student and/or parent concerns are fully considered.

Depending on the issue, other administrative staff may also become involved. As a rule, neither the Director of Parent Assistance nor the superintendent substitutes their judgment for that of the building principal for campus level decisions within his or her authority.

How do I contact the Parent Assistance Center with my issue/concern?

If you have completed the necessary steps to try and resolve your issue at the campus level first, you may then reach out to the Director of Parent Assistance by completing the form below and/or by calling (281) 284-0000.

Parent Assistance Contact

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Director of Parent Assistance

 Tony Davila
Tony Davila

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