Mission and Beliefs

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The mission of the Clear Creek Independent School District, the leader in visionary education, is to ensure that each student discovers and develops his or her unique talents and interests while realizing personal success and positively impacting their world through a new system distinguished by integrity, meaningful relationships, personalized learning, achievement, and a continuing commitment to Courage, Collaboration, Innovation, and Self-Direction.

Statement of Beliefs

We believe that:
• People flourish only in a culture based on integrity
• Today’s experiences are as valuable as tomorrow’s opportunities
• One’s heartfelt passion creates limitless possibilities
• Trust is built on what we do, not just what we say
• Shared responsibility is essential to community success
• Each person bears the responsibility to create his or her future
• Each person possesses unique talents and creative ability
• Everyone deserves to be physically and emotionally safe
• Relationships are critical to meaningful teaching and learning
• Respect for diversity strengthens community
• The measure of any community is the success of its children
• Each person deserves compassion and respect


• We will make all decisions based on the best interest of the student.
• We will honor the dignity of each person.
• We will operate in a culture of collaboration.
• We will make optimal use of transformative technology.
• We will protect and defend our local autonomy.
• We will accept nothing less than excellence.
• We will not compromise integrity in the pursuit of excellence.


• Each student sustains a fulfilled life actualizing his or her personal talents and interests.
• Each student optimizes his or her potential by continuously setting and achieving individual learning Objectives.
• Each student actively enriches and advances his or her community and greater society.

Strategies with Specific Result Statements
for Implementation in 2018-2019

  1. We will inspire learning through an array of personalized opportunities and experiences.
    I.1 Experiences that support student choice and personalized learning.
    I.2 A comprehensive system to empower each student to set and achieve goals providing for varied pathways.

  2. We will provide support to meet the needs and aspirations of each student.
    II.1 Student mentorship opportunities at all levels.
    II.2 A systematic approach for instructional and behavioral supports for each student.
    II.3 A process to ensure consistent enrichment opportunities for each student.

  3. We will ensure safe and nurturing learning environments.
    III.1.     Mental health/wellness to support student success.
    III. 2.    Facility enhancements to support school safety.
    III. 3.    Comprehensive, aligned bullying prevention programs/processes PK-12.
    III. 4.    CCISD Core Values to focus on the social and emotional well-being of all students.

  4. We will ensure each student understands and assumes his or her role as a productive citizen.
    IV. 1.   Responsible use of technology while learning at school, home, and in the community.

  5. We will broaden and strengthen connections within our communities.
    V.1.     School attendance zones to ensure student safety and maximize facility usage.

  6. We will ensure mutual understanding and support through effective communication.
    VI.1.    Standardized, consistent communication platforms and messaging.
  7. We will build capacity for organizational change.
    VII.1.   Professional learning plans that provide varied and flexible opportunities.
    VII.2.   Training of safety protocols, procedures, and lifesaving techniques for CCISD employees.
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