FAQ: Mentoring Program

1. What is the time commitment required to be a mentor?

A: Mentors meet with their mentees one hour a week, on the same day at the same time each week for the entire school year.

2. Does a mentor get to work with the same student each time?

A: Yes, the mentors work with one mentee at least one year, with the hope that the mentor will continue with the same mentee as he/she moves up in grades.

3. What activities do mentors and mentees participate in?

A: The programs are in place primarily to provide a positive influence for the student’s social and emotional well-being. What a mentor does with a student is mentee-driven. A mentor and mentee could play board games, draw, do a puzzle, talk, read, etc., together. This program is typically not for the mentor to help the mentee with their homework, however, this may be done if both wish to spend the time doing school work.

4. Can I take my mentee off of school grounds?

A: No. The mentor and mentee meet in a place designated by the campus administrator. They usually meet in open spaces such as the library, cafeteria, etc.

5. Can I choose the school I want to mentor at?

No, not all campuses have a mentor program. Mentorship programs are designated for specific campuses.

6. How do I apply to be a mentor?

  1. Prospective mentors must fill out the CCISD Volunteer Application in English or Spanish and wait to receive an approval notification via email. 
    -- To become a mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters, please begin the application process by visiting their website.
    -- To become a mentor for Kids Hope USA, mentors must be members of a participating church to partner with a student on a campus. The CCISD Mentor Coordinator matches the church with the campus according to campuses’ needs. If your church is interested in participating, please contact Jeanne deVezin.
    -- A representative from either organization will contact prospective mentors for next steps. 
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