Credit Validation from Non-Accredited Schools

See Policy EI (Regulation)

High School students who transfer from a foreign or a non-accredited school shall validate credits which apply toward graduation requirements. Grades and/or credits earned from the validated examination(s) or sequential course(s) shall appear on the transcript and shall follow grade point calculations as described in EIC (Local). Students shall not receive credit for home school courses taken concurrently while enrolled at a Clear Creek ISD school.

High School students who transfer from a non-public school may validate credits which apply toward graduation requirements. Credits earned from non-public schools shall be subject to curriculum review and evaluation by the District in alignment with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) to determine if validation is required.

In order to validate credits, the student must choose one of the two following options and provide a transcript for each course completed. If applicable, students shall have their transcripts translated at their own expense by a District-approved organization.

1. Passing exams selected by the District or by taking Credit by Examination through Texas Tech or the University of Texas at Austin with a score of at least 70.
Credit by Examination will be awarded in each individual subject area per semester (1/2) credit. The cost of the examination(s) is the student’s or parent’s/guardian’s responsibility. All Credit by Examination courses must be
approved by a school administrator or counselor. A secondary student assessed by Credit by Examination will be given adequate time to prepare for the test, particularly if multiple subject examinations are required.
2. Meeting District and state curriculum requirements by successfully completing two (2) semesters of coursework according to the chart and requirements that follow:

Non-Accredited School Courses

District Sequential Course

English I

English II

English I & II

English III or AP English Language

English I, II, & III

English IV or AP English Literature

Algebra I

Algebra II



Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II


Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and Pre-Cal


Algebra I

AP Statistics


AP Biology


Chemistry & Physics


AP Chemistry


AP Physics

Other Language I

Other Language II

Other Language I & II

Other Language III

Other Language I, II, & III

Other Language IV

Social Studies courses

No Sequence Available

(a) Credit will be awarded for the validated course upon successful completion of the district sequential course with a yearly average grade of 70 or better.
(b) The sequential course will be taken in a district school or through an approved dual credit program.

For courses which do not appear on the chart, students must use option one above. If a student chooses option two above and is not successful, he/she may still use option one.

Exception: For students who enroll in the spring semester, successful completion of the second semester with a grade of 70 or better of a district’s full-year course can be used to validate the first semester of the same full-year course and all validated coursework within the district sequence completed prior to enrollment.

NOTE: The Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete published by the NCAA states that "Courses completed through credit-by-exam may not be used" to meet core-course requirements. Please refer to the NCAA website for further information.
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