Programs of Study & Graduation Plans

Texas Education Code §28.02121 requires each student to develop and connect to a personal graduation plan that leads to an endorsement. This process requires a district to consider the importance in using programs of study and the personal graduation plan, collaboratively, to satisfy current and prior legislation. The program of study is an advisement tool for students, parents and counselors. It is a map for college and career readiness aligned to an occupational objective. A program of study is considered the intensive education plan, as required. The personal graduation plan is an opportunity for students, parents, and counselors to work collaboratively in order to help each student meet their individual goals. In addition, the student’s completion of graduation requirements is tracked by a working document called the credit evaluation. It is a tool that is used to document grades, assessments, acceleration, and other requirements in law.

The use of the program of study and personal graduation plan is necessary to ensure desired outcomes for college and career readiness. Below is a step-by-step process in which students will need to take in order to develop and progress through their personal graduation plan:

Create, Review and/or Update goals in Naviance Student at least once per year (Grades 6-12).
Take aptitude tests, career assessments, and personal inventories (Naviance Student: 7th Grade: Career Key – Career Assessment; 8th Grade: Career Cluster Finder Survey – career survey; Strengths Explorer® – discover and develop strengths; 9th Grade: Career Interest Profiler – career assessment based on Holland’s interest codes; 10th Grade: Do What You Are – personality profiler; 11th Grade: Multiple Intelligence Advantage – measures intelligence strengths)
      - Make a job-skill inventory.
      - Match job skills required with your abilities and interests.
Explore new career opportunities.
      - Research wage and occupation information, required levels of education and training requirements in Naviance Student.
      - Research which jobs are among the fastest and most in-demand in Texas here.
      - View videos about various careers using Road Trip Nation in Naviance Student.
      - Find training and certifications for specific occupations or skills through community colleges or career schools and colleges here.
Discover your interests and abilities; use labor market resources here and here.
Locate sources of job information in areas of interest.
Select several career areas (Grades 9-12: Add careers to your list of careers in Naviance Student).
Identify college majors which will prepare you for your careers in your list.
Research various colleges that offer the majors in your area of interest.
      - Customize a list of colleges by utilizing SuperMatch™ in Naviance Student.
      - Explore the College Compare feature in Naviance Student.
      - Add colleges to your list of colleges I’m thinking about in Naviance Student.
Plan your school program to prepare you for your chosen career by selecting an Endorsement and the graduation
requirements to fulfill your program.
Check the Career and Technical Education program offerings in CCISD.
Align your course registration with your personal graduation plan.
Update your four-year plan in Naviance Student.
Complete the Distinguished Level of Achievement survey in Naviance Student.
Complete the Game Plan survey in Naviance Student for planning to achieve post-secondary goals.
• An extensive timeline for each grade level regarding college planning may be found beginning on page 147.

If you are considering going straight into the workforce or into a technical training program following graduation, you still need to plan, as well as complete your high school education and earn a high school diploma.
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