Special Ed/Section 504 Accomodations PreAP/GT

The following guidelines are intended to apply to eligible students who receive special education or Section 504 services who enroll in PreAP/GT courses. While PreAP/GT courses are open to all students, including students who receive Special Education or Section 504 services; counselors, parents, ARD Committees and Section 504 Committees should be aware that these are high-level academic classes. In order to be eligible for accommodations in a PreAP/GT class, the student must be eligible for the same accommodation in a general education classroom. Accommodations will not be implemented if they fundamentally alter the content or standards of the course. The following guidelines shall be applicable to all special education and Section 504 students who enroll in PreAP/GT courses:

1. Students who receive Special Education or Section 504 services must have equal opportunity to participate in PreAP/GT courses.
2. While ARD and Section 504 Committees may wish to consider PreAP/GT courses in connection with transition plans for students who will be attending college, ARD Committees and Section 504 Committees are not required to place students in PreAP/GT classes unless they can be reasonably expected to be successful there with the allowable accommodations described in the
guidelines referred below.
3. Accommodations for students who receive Special Education or Section 504 services may not fundamentally alter the content or academic standards of the PreAP/GT course. Thus, certain allowable accommodations may include, but are not necessarily limited to the following:
               • Extended time for testing
               • Preferred seating
               • Opportunity to repeat and explain instructions
               • Assignment notebook
               • Minimize distractions
               • Large print/Braille
               • Behavior intervention plan
               • Assistive technology as defined by the committee
               • Altered format of exams, such as highlighted instructions or alternative spacing of questions
               • Altered assignments as needed for persons with motoric or visual impairment
4. The following are examples of accommodations which may alter the content or the standards of the course, and therefore might not be allowed:
               • Reduced assignments
               • Special projects in lieu of assignments
               • Exams of reduced length
               • Open book exams
               • Peer tutoring/paired work arrangement (is not allowed except when offered to the entire class)
               • Any reduction of content or standards of the course
               • Reduced mastery

While the decision to enroll in a PreAP/GT class is ultimately to be made by the parent or student, the ARD or Section 504 Committees may meet and recommend removal of the student from the classroom if the student is not meeting the standards applicable to students in that program and, as a result, is failing or at risk of failure.
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