Emergency Communication & Reunification

In the event of an emergency, parents will be notified. In often cases, the district will call, email or text parents with information just to reassure them that their children are safe and no action or response is necessary. In the event parents are needed to respond to the emergency communication, it is crucial to remember a few important tips:
  1. Refrain from using your cell phone on or near school property in an emergency. This is not intended to keep you from contacting your child but rather to keep the cell and data lines clear for communication among emergency responders. CCISD students are prohibited from using a telecommunications device in an emergency unless authorized by a teacher or staff member. This is for their safety.

  2. If you change your home, work or cell phone number, notify the campus immediately to ensure you receive emergency comunication.

  3. Parents should consider subscribing to CCISD's emergency SMS (text) by texting "Yes" to  67587.

  4. If parents arrive at the campus, they will be asked to stay a distance from the school or a designated area will be established for parents. CCISD administrators will keep parents informed of any updates to the situation at this designated location.

Reunification Process

Some emergency situations may require what is known as student/parent reunification because the traditional student release procedure is either unsafe or cannot be conducted due to a non-planned early release.
  • Parents report to an assigned area

  • Picture I.D. for the parent or guardian is required

  • An escort will bring the student back to the pick-up area

  • If the child is in the first aid area, the parent will be escorted to that area

Important Phone Numbers

CCISD Safe & Secure Schools: 281-284-0063

Emergency Hot Line Recording: 281-284-0027

CCISD Communications: 281-284-0020

Transportation Department: 281-284-0600

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