Emergency Preparedness and Response

Safe and Secure schools works diligently to be prepared for an emergency. Staff is well trained in the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s National Incident Management system. CCISD also partners with the Texas School Safety Center. Each campus has a crisis response plan. Training and mock exercises are conducted regularly (lockdowns, fire evacuations, and shelter in place). 

Important Terminology 


Hold–when there is a campus incident that requires students to remain in the classroom. Classroom doors are locked but instruction continues as normal. IE: a fight in the hallway.

when there is an external event (ie: bank robbery, police chase) which makes it unsafe for students to be outside. More than 90% of our emergency response situations involve non-school related events which require students to remain indoors for a period of time. In these situations, all exterior doors will be locked and students will move throughout the building as usual. 

Lockdown–when there is a suspected intruder inside the school building. In these situations, students and staff are to lock their classroom or office doors and remain quiet and calm until there is an all-clear from responding officers. 

Evacuation–Students are escorted outside of the building because of fire or some other type of hazard. 

Shelter in Place–when there is a chemical event near a campus. To protect students and staff, all doors will be locked to prevent the accidental opening and closing of doors and heating and air conditioning units will be turned off.  

Community Resources
Standard Response Protocol Training Video (Para leer subtítulos en español, haga clic al enlace del video y luego haga clic al "CC" a mano derecha y seleccione esa opción.) 
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Emergency Response and Preparedness Procedures

Table Top Exercises

District leaders conduct formal Table Top Exercises bi-annually. These drills are designed to test and make adjustments to the current Emergency Operations Plans and ensure that leaders understand their roles and responsibilities during an emergency. 

Safety Drills

All campuses are required to conduct one fire drill monthly and lock down drills twice per year. Campuses also participate in an annual orientation reviewing the procedures associated with Protect Mode, Lockdown and Shelter in Place. 

Annual Audits

Every CCISD facility and campus undergo an internal annual audit to asses risk and vulnerabilities. Resulting data is used to make improvements upon the safety and security of the facility. 

Severe Weather Preparedness

CCISD uses the TELVENT weather monitoring to track severe weather to allow leadership to make schedule and location adjustments both for the school day and extracurricular activities. During times of severe weather, District administrators work in partnership with the National Weather Service and 
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