Prohibited Items on the Bus

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Clear Creek ISD Transportation

Prohibited Items on the Bus

  1. Live animals or insects.
  2. Glass containers.
  3. Laser Pointers of any size
  4. Alcoholic beverages, drugs or chemicals.
  5. Weapons, explosive devices, stun guns, pepper spray, sharp objects or firecrackers.
  6. Objects such as (large musical instrument, shop project or tri-fold).
  7. All items must be kept on the student's lap or within the seating compartment and may not deny another student in a seat.
  8. Pencils or pens that do not remain in the shirt pocket or back pack.
  9. Glass containers or any food or drink (particularly gum, suckers, soft drinks or hard candies). Anything being eaten can be a choking hazard. Students should keep these items secured in their backpack at all times.
  10. Balls, balloons and skateboards.
  11. Food or drinks (no eating or drinking on the bus).
  12. Matches or lighters
  13. Liquid Cleaning Supplies
  14. Perfumes, or any type of body sprays.
  15. Sound producing electronic devices or headphones.
  16. Any other item prohibited by the CCISD Student Code of Conduct.
  17. Video recordings by cell phone and/or posting on social media.

CCISD Transportation Procedures were established for the safety of all students riding on Clear Creek ISD buses. Click the above link (Bus Rules) to learn more.

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