Profile of a CCISD Graduate, Part Three

Profile of a CCISD Graduate, Part Three
Posted on 05/22/2020

Owen Kiszka is a young man of many talents. One of which is mastering the skill of time management.

He successfully juggled being a baseball player, a Chamber orchestra member and a straight-A student throughout his time at Clear Brook High School.

“In class I was focused on my work, in baseball I was focused on the game, in orchestra I was focused on my instrument,” said Owen. “When I’d get home, rather than playing video games or watching Netflix, I just got my homework done so I could enjoy myself.”

Most would look at his schedule and think, “How did he fit everything in?”

“I have always had a great support system who worked with me to help me succeed in whatever I was doing,” said Owen. “My directors and coaches never penalized me if I had to miss practice or rehearsal due to schedule conflicts and my teachers were always there to help with my schoolwork.”

Owen may have had a full schedule on his hands, but he also made a point to go out of his way to be a classmate and teammate others could look up to.

“A lot of people I think, including myself, probably describe me as a quiet type of leader,” said Owen. “I'm not the type to be in the front of the class leading a lot of people. But I like to be like the voice of reason and let my character and who I am set an example for others, especially in my extracurriculars.”

One way he led was through orchestra. Owen began playing the viola in 6th grade and has been in the top Chamber orchestra group the last two years.

“I really didn’t want to quit when I started getting busy in high school because I had invested a lot of time into my instrument and got a lot of enjoyment out of playing,” said Owen.

As for his academic success, he knew he needed to make the most of his time, and his grades a priority.

“I was just always thinking ahead to the future and knew the work I put in now would pay off in college and in my career,” said Owen.

Having two teachers as parents also helped with the motivation to do well in school.

“They always told me to do what I love, but if my grades started to suffer because of all the things I was doing, that I would probably have to drop something,” said Owen, whose parents work for Westbrook Intermediate in CCISD. “They thought it was important that I put academics first.”

His hard work paid off when he found out he got a perfect score on his ACT this year. Owen

“That was probably one of the most surprised and happiest moments in my life,” said Owen. “I checked the website and it had a 36 in every field. I was just in shock.”

Most of his senior year of varsity baseball was derailed due to COVID-19, but he looks back on how far he has come and how the game has helped shape him into who he is today.

“I just loved having that way to kind of express myself on the field where I can go out there and enjoy myself and just take my mind off of school or whatever may be bothering me,” said Owen. “Sports have always been an important part of my life.”

He also attributes some of the life lessons he has learned along the way to a strong relationship with his coach.

“Coach Flores has always been a great role model for me on and off the field,” said Owen. “He pushed me in improving my game and then helped me grow as a person and respectful young man.  He’s almost been like a second dad to me and I think it is important to have people pushing you to be better along the way.”

This love of sports has also opened up a world of possibilities for where he sees himself in the future. Owen plans put both his academic and athletic experience to use at the University of Texas next year where he will major in mathematics and work toward his dream of becoming a statistician for ESPN.

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